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Beth Clearfield

Senior Vice President, Digital Media and Business Development, BBC Worldwide - Americas

Beth Clearfield is responsible for the development of digital media markets for BBC programs – including EST, VOD, broadband, mobile phones, and high definition.  In addition, she has a central role in determining business development activities for BBC Worldwide in the U.S. including strategic/commercial partnerships, joint ventures, acquisitions, and new service launches.

Clearfield was previously responsible for program supply for BBC AMERICA, and oversaw a department that serves as the central program information resource for all BBCWA sales teams in North and Latin America.

A 16-year veteran of BBC Worldwide – Americas, Clearfield’s accomplishments include the company’s first deals with clients such as iTunes, Microsoft, Netflix, Amazon, Yahoo!, AOL, Real Networks, Here!, iN Demand, Azureus, and Akimbo. She worked on the conception of BBC AMERICA and BBC Worldwide’s joint venture channels with Discovery Communications Inc. in Latin America.

Before joining BBC Worldwide – Americas, Clearfield was Manager of the Story Department at CBS/Fox Video.  She graduated magna cum laude from Yale with a degree in Economics and Political Science.

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