Miss Marple: Volume Two


Blu-ray.com calls the first volume restoration “revelatory.”  Now the second batch arrives on DVD and Blu-ray with four more classic English murder mysteries in Miss Marple: Volume Two. In “They Do It with Mirrors,” a country-house murder happens right under Miss Marple’s nose, leaving the amateur detective to figure out how the crime happened. In “The Mirror Crack’d from Side to Side,” the sleuth must determine who the intended victim of the poisoned cocktail that killed Heather Badcock actually was. Miss Marple also puts her skills to work when a woman is murdered on a train in “4.50 from Paddington,” and when a nursery rhyme comes to life in a horrifying way in “A Pocketful of Rye.” Joan Hickson (Century), Agatha Christie’s personal choice for the lead role, stays one step ahead in these stylish and lushly produced mystery dramas, also starring Jean Simmons (Spartacus), Peter Davison (Doctor Who) and Claire Bloom (The King’s Speech).

Mar. 31, 2015

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$44.98 US
$55.98 CAN

$39.98 US
$49.98 CAN


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Special features include A Very British Murder, Part 2: Detection Most Ingenious,the second installment of a three-part series documenting the British national obsession with murder mysteries.

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